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       Sep 03,  2008




Amer Hanna


To our Brave Men and Women in Uniform who are Heroically Fighting for Freedom, Honor, Justice, & Hope for all mankind.
Amer Hanna-Fatuhi


 Tens of books have been written about Iraq, its land, people & culture. However, the authors of these books were primarily western scholars and Middle Easterners who are not as familiar with this significant part of the world, also known as the Garden of Eden and the Cradle of Civilization, as the original Native Iraqis.

 IRAQ and Iraqis can be known and dealt with in numerous positive ways. Iraqis are usually warm, polite and very courteous hosts. They do sometimes overreact harshly to direct or indirect insults, whether they come as an act or through words that are usually part of our American culture.

Cultural awareness is a significant tool that would definitely help avoid both a simple misunderstanding and a huge crisis.

 Among the most important factors that would help us win Iraq and Iraqis is to better understand the Iraqi slang. Slang Encompasses “secret” words and idioms that are consistently used in books, magazines, television, movies, songs, Iraqi homes, etc. and generally are reserved only for native speakers.

For the non-native speaker, learning the information in “Winning Iraq” whether the popular Iraqi traditions, habits, and customs or simply the Iraq slang will equal years of living in Iraq and eliminate the usual time it takes to absorb the intricacies of slang.

In some segments of this book, dialogues are presented in a very unique way to better understanding the huge differences between standard Arabic and the other version of the same dialogue as it would actually be spoken by an Iraqi. All of the eight sections of the Iraqi Slangs that are included in this handbook offer a unique look at common words used in slang expressions and are all very popular and used by everyone.

 Amer Hanna (The Author) is a native Iraqi who was born, educated and spent forty years in Iraq. His purpose for writing this book is to familiarize the US troops, the American people and those who intend to visit Iraq whether as consultants, contractors, etc., with his rich and profound experience about his homeland (The Land & The People) in a very easy to learn and methodical manner.

We highly recommend this book to all levels of readers who are interested in learning about Iraq and Iraqis. We also strongly endorse this book to be taught in special courses for all women and men in uniform who are heroically serving in Iraq or might soon be stationed.


* Preface

* Fast Facts about IRAQ

* History, Land, & People

a- A Brief History of IRAQ

b- The Land

c- The People:

I-       Iraqi Arab & Arabizeds

I-       Iraqi Kurds

II-    Chaldeans

III-   Iraqi Turkmans

IV-  Mendaeans

V-     Iraqi Armenians

VII- Yazidis

     VIII- Iraqi Shabak

      IX-   Iraqi Mi’dan


The Three Golden Keys!

I-       Religion

a-      Islam

1-Muslims of the World

2- Muslims of IRAQ

b-     Christianity … The Second Major Religion in IRAQ

 Language as a Vital Factor

II-    Iraqi Slang

1-     Greetings & More!

2-     Patrolling and on-the-road slangs

3-     Parts of the City and Village

4-     Time, Directions, Numerals, & Weather

5-     Professions

6-     Illustrated Body & Face Parts

7-     Illustrated Average Iraqi House

III- Cultural Awareness Tips

Extra Information


(Winning IRAQ) Technical Information:

Language: English

Pages: 52

Format: Paper Cover

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 Inches

Photos & Maps: Full Color

Illustrations: Line Illustrations (Created by the Author), Cartoons, & Genuine Charts

Design & Layout: By Amer H. Fatuhi

Experimental Edition, (Limited).

Copyright Tx/Va 2008.

Printed by: Naman Printing, USA


S. N. al-Malih

Iraqi American Media Network / PRD



Amer Hanna-Fatuhi: Visual Artist & Historian

CEO, Art & History Director at: Iraqi Artists Association (USA & Canada)