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         Jan 27,  2009

Chaldean Patriarch & Bishops Visit the Pope

On Tuesday; January 20, 2009, the two Chaldean Bishops in the United States of America, Their Excellencies Bishop Mar Ibrahim N. Ibrahim and Bishop Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, traveled to Rome for their “Ad Limina” visits with Pope Benedict XVI.  Joining them in Rome is Bishop Mar Bawai Soro.  Our beloved Patriarch, His Eminence Mar Emanuel III Cardinal Delli and all the Chaldean Bishops are also present in Rome for their respective “Ad Limina” visit with the Pope.

On Thursday; January 22, 2009, Bishop Mar Sarhad Yawsip had his “Ad Limina” visit, a personal audience with the Holy Father.  During that meeting, our Eparch submitted to the Pope issues of relevance to our Saint Peter Diocese and as a member of the Chaldean Holy Synod issues related to the Chaldean Church,  Bishop Mar Sarhad Yawsip has also been attending other meetings with other Vatican officials.

On Saturday; January 24, 2009, our Patriarch and all the Chaldean Bishops had a private audience with the Holy Father.  Bishop Mar Bawai also joined the Chaldean Bishops in this audience.  Immediately, after the Holy Father entered the audience hall at 12:15 PM, Cardinal Delli read a prepared text in which he offered his and the Bishops’ gratitude to Pope Benedict XVI, the Successor of Saint Peter, for the occasion of this meeting.  After that, the Holy Father also read his speech in which he outlined the significance of the Chaldean Church of the East throughout history, emphasizing the great witness and the suffering of the Church’s sons and daughters are offering to Christ, today.  Moreover, he gave guidance and directives in order to deal with the present challenges.

Following the Pope’s speech, Cardinal Delli presented the Holy Father with a gift that was brought from Iraq.  This gift contained the liturgical vestments of the Chaldean martyred Archbishop of Mosul, Mar Paulos Faraj Rahho and the stole of the martyred priest from the same Diocese, Father Ragheed Ganni.

Then, our Patriarch and all Bishops expressed to the Holy Father in person their signs of filial love and obedience.  The Holy Father presented each one of them with a pectoral Cross and a copy of his discourse.  The audience ended at 1:45 PM.

The following photos of our Patriarch, our Eparch and other Bishops reflect significant moments of this historic encounter with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.


Visita Ad Limina (Canonical Visit to the Pope)


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The Audience with His Holiness Benedict XVI