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        July 03,  2009

Sawra Archives    

Vol. 6, Issue
49      • www.kaldu.org           • www.kaldaya.net        
June 2009


In This Issue


* Year of the Priest.....1
* Articles by Youth…..2
* Youth Retreats....3
* Class of 2009....4-5
* Ads & Announcements..6-7
* First Holy Communion....8
* Chaldean Page .…9
* In Memory Of…..10
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Page One

(JUNE 19, 2009 - JUNE 19, 2010)
Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Jammo


New Temple, New Offering, New Priesthood:

            The coming of the Lord into our world and his self-insertion into the history of our humanity is not just a “happening” among other relevant or less relevant events, but it is the radical and uniquely pivotal and central act of divine intervention. A defining moment of that intervention, and a major lordly sign of the establishment of a new covenant between God and his people, was the cleansing by Lord Jesus of the temple of Jerusalem, in the wake of the Jewish Passover celebrations:

“… The Jews … said to him: ‘What sign can you show us for doing this?’ Jesus answered and said to them: ‘Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up’…But he was speaking about the temple of his body.  Therefore, when he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this, and they came to believe the scripture and the word Jesus had spoken.” (John 2: 18-22.)

            The offering of gifts and sacrifices to divinity was a worshiping act that was practiced by all cultures of antiquity; its main purpose was tripartite: a) Praise and thanksgiving to God; b) Atonement for men’s sins; c) Memorial celebration of redemptive events. Furthermore, the proper offering of sacrifices entailed two requirements: the provision of sacred altar and temple, and a consecrated class of priests. Thus, for Jesus to envisage the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem, with its sacrifices and priesthood, should entail likewise the provision for the new People of God not only of a new temple, but as well of a new sacrifice, and a new priesthood.

The New Temple: Two locations identify and embody the features of the New Temple: Golgotha, where a cross carried a slain tortured body with the pierced side of Jesus the Son of God, and a tomb that became empty when the dead body of Jesus was raised to divine glory. Therefore, a cross with the icon of the Crucified and glorified Lord connected to an altar, signifying the empty tomb, are the visible features of every church building, worthy to be a new temple and properly host the offering of the sacrificed Lamb of God.

The New Offering: Lord Jesus, the night before he died, taught his disciples how to celebrate his redemptive memorial, in the pattern of bread and wine, ordering them to reiterate his own sacrificial Eucharist until his second coming. Indeed, the crucified Lord himself is the vicarious sacrifice for our disobedience, and his blood is offered for the forgiveness of our sins: “For if the blood of goats and bulls…can sanctify those who are defiled…, how much more will the blood of Christ… cleanse our consciences.” (Heb. 9: 13-14).

The New Priesthood: “Do this in remembrance of me” (1 Cor., 11, 24 & 25), Jesus ordered his disciples, providing his faithful followers, everywhere under the sun, with those who are qualified to be participants in his priesthood and mandated to celebrate his eternal sacrifice for his people.

            For the world, nothing is greater in meaning, value, and impact, than the sacrifice of Jesus the Lord; thus, of all human endeavors, nothing is greater in relevance and implications than the priestly celebration of the divine Qurbana. O Priesthood, how lofty are you!



Page Two

By Tarik Attar

            Life is a struggle: from the womb we struggle to see the light.  And once we’re out, we’re automatically crying. As we grow older we grow more tired and more restless. At times we find ourselves saying “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” But what are we really rebelling against? Life is a struggle; we struggle out of the womb, and we struggle against ourselves and the world, physically and mentally. 

            Life is a lively poem, filled with happiness, sadness and suffering. Life is a motion picture with an un-edited script that is truly a reality show. Drama, action, a little bit of suspense and the right characters are all what make movies great. Our lives are a movie, filled with family dramas, action and suspense. What a great movie God is watching. He sees the beginning and the end all at once, He is the original movie maker, who doesn’t give us a script, but gives us a glimpse of the ending.

            Our emotions and desires all lead us to one thing, and that is to come to the understanding of God in our lives. We know suffering exits, because there is happiness. We know something is bitter because we have tasted something sweet. God is a great poet, artist, and movie maker; He allows the opposite to exist in every respect. Where there is sickness, health, where there is fire, water, and where is joy, despair. We are all dependent on these cofactors; without them our lives & freewill are compromised.  So, what kind of answer will satisfy our asking of this question of life’s struggles? Are we looking for an idea, or a solution, or maybe a clue, a sign to point to something else? If we are constantly whining about the pain, then the tears from our eyes will keep our vision impaired. We don’t need to tell the sick, “you are sick,” Or the hungry, “you are malnourished!” But we need to give them reassurance of the better things to come. 

            God gives us the Real Answer, He gives us a real solution, he gives us everything he has, his only Son, and he gives us the real presence (Holy Qurbana) until the end of time.  He comes down and not just to answer the question in person, but takes on the question on the cross. He gives us death so we might be born again in the resurrection. In the midst of darkness God will gives us light, so we can see His Son. We are conceived to be born out of the womb, to make not just empty choices but to make the choice, the choice to be with God, or without God, and God respectfully accepts our choice eternally.  

            As we enter life through the womb , we also enter the journey of life to only graduate and receive our certificate in heaven, handed to us by Christ himself. Education is a great tool that helps us live our daily lives. Just as we have goals to become doctors, lawyers, and engineers, we must also have a goal set for the eternal life. We need good schools to help us become more informed people to be successful in our society, and we need the church to help us become better people (saints), so we can be a holy people. On our graduation day we receive our earthly diploma and we are congratulated by our parents and friends. We want to also receive our heavenly diploma, where we will hear God our perfect parent along with the Saints and angels to say: “Congratulations! You made it!”




Ode to Jesus
By Michael Asmar, 13

You are a man of honor so kind and courageous
So cool and so awesome the way you lived through the ages
You came about to be
Through a girl who married just past thirteen

While living in a place full of sinners and gossipers
You helped your father become one of those things you call carpenter
A world full of hate, you couldn’t stand it
So you set out to be a preacher and very compassionate

With a life long journey ahead which would only last 3 years
You said goodbye to your mom and left your house with tears
Knowing the journey would be hard
You made friends with some fishermen that were very smart

They knew always where to go to eat and to sleep
They protected the man where they knew they had to keep
Jesus said bye, and they knew exactly where
Up in heaven where it was all nice and fair

But you came back in only three days
And at that everyone was amazed
They started to believe
In a man even greater than Hercules


Page Three


The Artist Retreat

From Friday May 29 to Sunday, May 31, a group of Chaldean artists from St. Peter Diocese attended a retreat at St. George Chaldean Monastery near Lake Matthews in Riverside, CA. The Retreat was led by Fr. Andrew Younan and the topic was beauty and the nature of art and the artist. It was amazing to see how many of our youth are such creative and talented individuals who express themselves with a variety of art. Musicians, painters, designers, photographers, poets, writers, and all sorts of artists were welcomed. It remains a surprise to find out what happens on the retreat, so please join us on next years’ Artist Retreat!



The Emmaus Retreat

Another Weekend, Another Great Success

For the fourth time in San Diego, the Emmaus retreat was held once again at the Monastery of St. George in Riverside. On the beautiful Thursday afternoon of June 18, a group of about forty young people drove up for the retreat and a life changing experience. Through different talks and activities, the retreatants were challenged to take a closer look at their lives and find where God was missing. Though the people attending started out the weekend as strangers, they came home with a new family, a family centered on Christ. Please keep them in your prayers that the graces which God began pouring into their souls this weekend may continue in abundance.



An evening with Tim & Valerie Staples

“The Sacrament of Marriage”


Tim and Valerie Staples were invited by St. Peter’s moms group to St. Michael’s Hall in El Cajon, CA, on June 19, 2009, to do a talk on Marriage.  Tim Staples is a convert to the Catholic faith.  He has given hundreds of talks all over the country.  He is a writer, speaker and radio show host. Valerie is a full time mom, and director of prepaid legal services.  She is a facilitator of ENDOW (education on the nature and dignity of woman) Catholic Scripture Study & is also the president of the Goretti Girls, which is a group of Catholic teens in San Diego.

            They spoke extensively of their commitment to the sacrament of marriage and what it means.  When we make our vows there is the third person present-God!  God gives us the Grace to face any challenges in our marriages.  Just as Jesus kneeling at the garden of Gethsemete says yes to the cross, we too are saying yes to the crosses that we will face in marriage. There are joys and many sufferings in marriage.  The goal is to make saints out of each other and get each other to heaven.  Men are to die for their bride and women are to be like our blessed Mother ready to do God’s will.  We are to give 100% of ourselves, not 50% or 90%, but completely.  They spoke of the gift of NFP (natural family planning) and the blessings that has brought to their marriage.  We are to honor each other bodies even in our marriages.   


Jeandark Putris


Page Four and Five


2009 Knights of Columbas Graduation Party

            The Knights of Columbus 11th Annual Graduation Party took place Friday, June 26, 2009, at St. Peter’s Hall. Hundreds of guests attended this joyful event while enjoying dinner and music. Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo wrote a very inspiring letter in the graduate yearbook congratulating the graduates for their achievements and success: “your graduation is a time to reflect upon who you are as an individual, but this really means to reflect upon how you can turn to others and share your gifts with them- first in your own home, then with your Chaldean community, and finally with the entire world.” At the event, he offered his prayers and blessings to the graduates as they begin a new phase in their life. He also congratulated the families of the graduates and thanked them for their support and encouragement, explaining that the accomplishments and diplomas of their children in some way is theirs too, and they should be proud of that.

           Before dinner, Mar Bawai Soro congratulated the graduates and their families, and offered a blessing prayer. Thomas Meram, Knights of Columbus (Mar Toma Council) Grand Knight, had an opening statement in the 2009 yearbook saying, “As you move on into a new chapter in your life, know that God has a plan for all of us. Be thankful for all the blessings God has given you, and the love and support that you receive from your family, friends, and community. With God’s grace, you can achieve great things”.

          The book was prepared and designed by the Knights of Columbus Youth Committee and was printed at the Chaldean Media Center. Many graduates had the chance to apply for scholarships in four different categories. Scholarship grants were all donated by many generous sponsors, individuals and organizations from our community. God bless them.

For graduation party photos, please contact
PRODUCTIONS at 619-244-2598

For graduation party video, please contact HAITHAM YALDO from




High School Leadership Awards




High School Academic Awards


High School Athletic Award


High School Newcomer Award

College Leadership Award



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