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         Jan 29,  2009

St. Samaan El Kharraz Church
beautiful church in Egypt



This beautiful Church is called St. Samaan El Kharraz Church. It's one of Six or seven churches that were discovered inside El Mukaatam Mountain in Egypt.

(Samaan El Kharraz is the man who with the help of God and the intercession of Virgin Mary helped move El Mukaatam Mountain in Egypt)
If you look closely you can see the ramp that leads to the church underground. It's huge from inside and very deep and can easily seat thousands.

The benches in the Church are made of big slaps of polished stone covered with carpets.
The Church from inside looks like a huge amphitheatre. The man who has carved all those verses and the pictures on the rocks is either from Italy or Portugal who is married to a coptic woman.

Hope you can see it in person when you visit Cairo next time.