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           Apr 08, 2013



Analysis of God – Genesis 1 vs. Enuma Elish



After reading both Genesis 1 and Enuma Elish, it is my opinion that Marduk and the character of God are fundamentally different in various ways. To begin with, in Genesis 1 only God has the power of creation and is the ultimate authority in the construction of all things on earth. Using only his words God goes about forming all things on earth, beginning with separating light from darkness and ending with the creation of man. Because Genesis 1 places an emphasis on God being the sole creator of all things good, this constructs an image of an involved and caring creator who would genuinely be concern for his creations, especially mankind. On the other hand, the gods in Enuma Elisha are portrayed as turbulent and at times chaotic rather than interested in creation. In fact the only reason humans were created were to be servants for the gods above. Compared to the God in Genesis 1, Marduk seems unconcerned in making the earth a good, suitable domain for mankind but rather is interested in the most powerful of the gods.

Reflecting back on the two stories of creation, I think that Genesis 1 leaves me with a more realistic picture of God than that of Enuma Elish. While I am not certain that God actually created all things on earth using only his voice, I believe God truly does care about his creation and made earth for human development rather than service. This type of God who was committed to creating humankind in his divine image seems much more accepting and loving than the argumentative gods in Enuma Elish, and in my opinion I picture God in a similar way to the one found in Genesis 1.