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I would like to introduce our team Chaldean Soccer Club which has only been playing under this name for one year but this team has been together since 2000 and playing under a different name.

Choosing the Chaldean Soccer Club name for the team was a very difficult task but was well worth it. The difficulty behind selecting this name was due to some minor issues that the team previously had. Thanks to god, we began working with our players toward gaining respect in the league thru sportsmanship. This task alone was very difficult but we got what we wanted which was building our name in the league.

We also proved to the league that to us winning is not everything but respect and sportsmanship. We also like to mention that we also were successful finishing the league as the number 1 seat in Division-A. The Results were 13 wins; 2 losses and 2 ties. Our league rules are top 8 of 16 teams advance into the playoff where the first seat team play against number 8, 2 against 7, 3 against 6 and 4 against 5. This obviously led us into the playoff where we advanced into the finals but lost 2-0 in overtime. This loss was difficult but had to do with losing some of our players to injury.

We are looking forward to continue achieving what was not yet accomplished to our deserved San Diego community.

The management of Chaldean Soccer Club would like to thank each and everyone out there.

Note: For additional information, please visit our website www.stmichaelsoccer.com